The Spirit crank design represents the culmination of extensive rider testing and stress modelling to reduce weight while maintaining high strength. It is the unicycle crank reinvented.

It is a versatile crank design constructed from tough, stiff 7050 alloy for all types of riding, from trials, street and flatland to mountain and long distance. Utilizing the International Spline Interface Standard (ISIS drive), the Spirit crank is available in both single and double hole, featuring External Disc Brake (EDB) compatibility, configurations offering numerous different length options to suit any type of riding.
7050 alloy
International Spline Interface Standard (ISIS drive)
External Disc Brake (EDB) rotor compatibility: 160 mm or larger featuring 6-bolt pattern
Rollo Disk Compatible
Crank Length Options and Listed Weights
KH Spirit 110mm ISIS. Single hole (350 g)
KH Spirit 127mm ISIS. Single hole (388g)
KH Spirit 137mm ISIS. Single hole (410 g) 

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Kris Holm Spirit ISIS Cranks

  • $115.00

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