Our learner unicycles are great for starting in this sport. They are affordable and robust enough to cope with the task of learning. We stock learner unicycles suitable for people all shapes and sizes. Hoppley, Club, Sticky Foot, UDC Trainer,

As you learn how to unicycle the best advice for you is, don't give up! Giving up is, by far, the only way you can really fail. If you don't give up, you will ride a unicycle. "Learning to ride a unicycle is 60% determination, 35% persistence (not giving up), and 5% sense of balance."-- John Foss

12" Hoppley Unicycle

12" Hoppley Unicycle

Ideal first unicycle for smaller children at a very competitive price. Small enough for children und..


16" Club Freestyle Unicycle  Learner

16" Club Freestyle Unicycle

The Club Freestyle Unicycle has been designed with the young unicyclist in mind. This unicycle has..


20" Club Freestyle Unicycle Learner

20" Club Freestyle Unicycle

The perfect all around unicycle. The Club Freestyle Unicycle has been designed with the young unicy..

$145.00 $155.00

20" Hoppley Unicycle Specials

20" Hoppley Unicycle

The Hoppley unicycle is the perfect starting point for the beginner. We designed the Hoppley to be o..


24" Club Freestyle  Learner

24" Club Freestyle

The Club Freestyle Unicycle is an excellent beginner Unicycle. Comes with a brightly coloured square..


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