Road 24-36"

Road 24-36"
Road concentrates on distance riding. With a 29" or 36" wheel cruising speeds of 10 to 15 mph (24 km/h) can easily be reached. However, the smallest wheel diameter to fit within the "Road" category is 26 "

32" Nimbus Oracle Unicycle  Road 24-36"

32" Nimbus Oracle Unicycle

The 32" Oracle Unicycle is the baby version of the 36" and this model comes with a disc brake. The d..

$775.00 $850.00

29" Nimbus Oracle Mountain Unicycle (155)

29" Nimbus Oracle Mountain Unicycle (155)

The Oracle has a lightweight but very stiff Aluminium frame with a durable powdercoated finish and s..


29" Nimbus Unicycle

29" Nimbus Unicycle

The world rarely seems so wide open as when you’re riding.  But it’s not just mountain trails a..


36" Kris Holm Unicycle Road 24-36"

36" Kris Holm Unicycle

The KH36 is a top quality unicycle designed for on and off-road riding over longer distances. The la..

$855.00 $1,065.00

36" Nimbus Nightfox Unicycle  Road 24-36"

36" Nimbus Nightfox Unicycle

The seatpost and seat tube were redesigned bringing the saddle down to the curve of the frame. The N..


36" Nimbus Oracle Unicycle  Road 24-36"

36" Nimbus Oracle Unicycle

The 36" Oracle Unicycle was one of the very first production Road Unicycles available with a Di..


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