• Kris Holm 24-inch Mountain Rim Rims

Kris Holm Rims are designed and purpose built to withstand the unique demands of urban and off-road unicyclists.

A 47.2mm wide double-wall construction features carefully shaped drilled out holes & 36 spoke eyelet positions to allow for reduced weight while maintaining maximum strength.

24" Freeride Rim
KH 24" Freeride Rim. Double wall construction. 47.2mm wide. 486mm ERD. 505g (rim only). 36 hole with eyelets & offset spokes. Drilled out ovalised holes.
Spoke length: 231mm (Moment Hub) / 225mm (KH-Schlumpf)

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Kris Holm 24-inch Mountain Rim

  • $99.00

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