Super light (220g) and strong post from Kris Holm. The seatpost is designed so that there is no welding or joints so offering areas of weakness. The post top is smooth with no sharp edges so helping to reduce knocks when grabbling the saddle. It has a butted collar below the plate adds reinforcement but also lets the seatpost be lowered close to the seatpost - an advantage for shorter riders. Features: Finish: Black anodized Construction: Single hot forged in high grade aluminium. Weight: 220g Reinforced top section


  • 350mm length
  • Weight: 220g
  • Available in 27.2 diameter
  • Reinforced top section Black alloy construction Forged top piece and post section

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27.2 Kris Holm One Piece Seatpost

  • $35.00

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