• Nimbus ISIS Hub (48-hole) Hubs & Bearings
Built to be more robust and durable than the traditional cotterless, or non-ISIS splined hubs. Compatible with 2007-2008 48-hole rims featured on the Nimbus II 20 & 24-inch ISIS cycles, Nimbus X 20 & 24-inch ISIS cycles, and all 42mm bearings and 42mm machined frame housings.

Note: This hub utilizes 42mm bearings, and is compatible with 42mm frame/bearing housings only.

ISIS spline is strong and creak free
Tempered 4130 CrMo spindle
Wide flange spacing for increased wheel strength
Flange material hardness and shape are designed to maximize spoke strength
Sealed, 42mm bearings with standard 100mm spacing-included
48 spoke holes
Comes with pair of ISIS bolts
Weighs: 1.4 lbs (including bolts and spacers)
These will fit all ISIS cranks except Koxx ISIS cranks.

Note: this hub will not fit in frames with machined bearing housings designed for 40mm bearings. It requires either pressed bearing housings or frames machined to take these larger bearings.

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Nimbus ISIS Hub (48-hole)

  • $66.50

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