High audience impact! Taller is better. This giraffe unicycle can be extended from 5 feet tall to 7 feet tall. Designed to be tough enough for performing. Can be rapidly dismantled for ease of transportation. It can be disassembled into four sections which fit into an ordinary suitcase, 26x20x7" (65x50x18cm) - ideal for traveling performers.

* Strong, large diameter CrMO frame, chrome plated. Uses quality aluminium quick release clamps for quick assembly and disassembly. The frame sections slot together so that they will not twist nor move independently of each other.
* To extend from 5' to 7' the quick-release between the pedals and the wheel is undone and the chains removed; an extra section of frame is inserted and the longer chains fitted.
* Double chain design for equalised tension on the wheel - single chain giraffes can pull the wheel out of alignment with the frame. 2 chains make the unicycle stronger.
* Large sprockets to reduce chain and cog wear.
* Upper sprockets have chain-guards.
* Comfortable Unicycle.com Gel Saddle in black, with white front handle and bumper.
* 27.2mm seatpost, 400mm long.
* 140mm aluminium cranks.
* Kenda Kikzumbut 20 x 1.95" tire in White
* Quality chain tensioners that allow you to keep the chain settings between dismantling.
* Specially designed hub uses a 5-bolt mounting system to securely hold the sprockets in place on both sides, this also allows minute adjustment to chain tension.
* Comes with two sets of chains, and an extra frame section with quick-release to convert it from a 5 foot to a 7 foot giraffe in minutes.
* Heights: 5' 2" (157cm) or 6' 7"(200cm) (with seat set to 32" (81cm) inside leg length - measured crotch to floor).
* Weighs 8.3kg (18.3 lbs) in 5-foot mode or 9.3kg (20.5 lbs) in 7-foot mode.
* Comes with Nimbus decals and Unicycle.com head badge.

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Nimbus Performer Giraffe

  • $505.00

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