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8mm Allen Key Tools

8mm Allen Key

It is essential to properly tighten splined-cranks to stop them creaking, and with its 200mm (8") ha..


Allen Axle Bolt Cranks

Allen Axle Bolt

The preferred axle bolt for UDC Wide and Superwide hubs. Also compatible with the Qu-ax 10 spline (p..


Crank Bolts Cranks

Crank Bolts

Replacement bolts to fit Unicycle.com CroMo cotterless hubs. M8 thread for 14mm wrench. Sold ..


Crank Extractor w/ISIS Foot Tools

Crank Extractor w/ISIS Foot

This new tool will enable riders to remove ISIS crank arms. The tool has a large foot at the base of..


Crank Nuts Cranks

Crank Nuts

Standard nut to replace those worn ones. Sold as a pair Crank nut to fit the standard unicycl..


Custom Wheel building service

Custom Wheel building service

This is a wheel building service for unicycle wheels only. We will build your unicycle rim/hub u..


DX Aluminium Pedals - New colors Pedals

DX Aluminium Pedals - New colors

Aluminium bodied pedals with steel pins in lots of different colours, great for muni or trials unicy..


Generic Tubes Tires, Tubes, Rim strip

Generic Tubes

Quality Generic Tubes..


Pedal Wrench-Socket Combo Tool Tools

Pedal Wrench-Socket Combo Tool

Dual ended tool includes two sizes of sockets, 14-mm, the typical axle nut/bolt size, 15-mm and a pe..


Rubber Rim Strip Tires, Tubes, Rim strip

Rubber Rim Strip

All-rubber rim strip, stretch fitted on the rim...


Saddle Bolts, M6 x 20 Saddles and Accessories

Saddle Bolts, M6 x 20

Replacement bolts for KH Fusion and Nimbus Gel Saddles...


UDC CrMO Hub - 36 holes Hubs & Bearings

UDC CrMO Hub - 36 holes

A new super hard hub specially produced for Unicycle.com, with wider flange spacing for a much stron..


Unicycle Stand 16" Accessories

Unicycle Stand 16"

Store your unicycle easily with this special stand. Made of quality steel, coated with rubber. For u..


Unicycle.com Air Supply Mini Pump Tools

Unicycle.com Air Supply Mini Pump

A good quality lightweight pump with the ability to achieve the pressures required for unicycles. Co..


Y Allen Key Set Tools

Y Allen Key Set

great tool for working on your cycle! Includes 4,5 and 6 mm allen sizes...


Penny Farthing 54" UDC Mk3 - Black/Red Penny Farthings

Penny Farthing 54" UDC Mk3 - Black/Red

A high specification racing Penny Farthing that is designed and produced by Unicycle.com. While this..

$1,400.00 $2,100.00

UDC Fun Wheel Balance

UDC Fun Wheel

Fun Wheels are a great skill toy and have been used for years as an early stage in the learning of..


Magura Brake Clamps Brakes

Magura Brake Clamps

To attach Magura HS33 brakes to a frame with Magura brake bosses you will need these clamps. ..


12" Hoppley Unicycle Learner

12" Hoppley Unicycle

Ideal first unicycle for smaller children at a very competitive price. Small enough for children und..


16" Club Freestyle Unicycle Learner

16" Club Freestyle Unicycle

The Club Freestyle Unicycle has been designed with the young unicyclist in mind. This unicycle has..


Nimbus Cyko-Lite Trials 19 x 2.5 Tires, Tubes, Rim strip
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