• Kris Holm Fusion Street Saddle - Black - 2015 Complete Saddles
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Kris Holm Fusion Street saddle is designed for Trials, Street, Flat, Freestyle riding, and Distance touring for those who prefer a slimmer more "bike-like" saddle with the T-bar touring handle.

Stiff and strong saddle frame
Slim and easy-to-grab padding with center gel insert for comfort
Removable cover with hidden drawstring
Saddle frame is shaped for secure side grip during tricks
Rounded rear bumper is protective and shaped to reduce thigh irritation during tricks
Bumpers and seatpost are secured with low profile 4mm hex bolts
Saddle frame and rear bumper are constructed from recyclable materials
Weight: 774 g

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Kris Holm Fusion Street Saddle - Black - 2015

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