Nanuk Trickline - 16m Blue Balance

Nanuk Trickline - 16m Blue

Nanuk Trick Slackline is great for the adrenaline junkie. Made with custom designed weave, providing..


19" Impact Gravity Unicycle - Black Trials & Street

19" Impact Gravity Unicycle - Black

This is the latest generation Gravity which includes the new 32mm twin bearing system. Combining lat..

$495.00 $595.00

24" Kris Holm 'Mountain' Unicycle Muni 24-29 inch

24" Kris Holm Mountain Unicycle

The KH24 is a top quality unicycle designed for muni riders preferring the nimble feel of a 24x3” wh..

$645.00 $845.00

24" Nimbus Oracle Muni Muni 24-29 inch

24" Nimbus Oracle Muni

Another new product from Nimbus but unlike the others this has all of the UDC shops very excited. A ..



Alum S - Staff - Anodized Green Props Juggling & Spinning

Alum S - Staff - Anodized Green

S-staffs originated with Michael Moschen and but were popularised when Buugeng appeared on the marke..

$25.00 $35.95

Nimbus ISIS Hub (32 Hole) Hubs & Bearings

Nimbus ISIS Hub (32 Hole)

Nimbus ISIS wide CrMo hub for 32" wheels, 32 spoke. It is built to be more robust and durable than t..

$44.00 $64.60

KH Street Saddle Cover (2009) - old style Specials

KH Street Saddle Cover (2009) - old style

If you want to fit a new cover to your Kris Holm Saddle, you now can. As fitted to the Kris H..

$9.50 $19.00

20" NImbus Eclipse Frames Specials

20" NImbus Eclipse Frames

Fantastic aluminium frame from Nimbus designed specifically for Freestyle use. Clamp Size: 30.5mm..

$100.00 $169.00

Kris Holm 'Slim' Unicycle Saddle (2013) Saddles and Accessories

Kris Holm Slim Unicycle Saddle

Features: A stiff, strong, saddle frame exclusive to Kris Holm. Comfortable and shock absorb..

$60.00 $75.00

One Tired Guy DVD Media

One Tired Guy DVD

KRIS HOLM defines new freeride mountain unicycle standards in this extraordinary collection of a..

$18.00 $24.00

Unicycle Tire 16" x 1.75 Tires, Tubes, Rim strip

16" Unicycle Tire 16" x 1.75

16" tire as fitted to Learner unicycles Features: Size: 16x1.75" Rim Size: 16" Colour: Bl..

$5.00 $12.00

Crazy 8 ball - JG Props Juggling & Spinning

Crazy 8 ball - JG

These are the best balls we have ever stocked. Available in a wide selection of colors. an extremely..

$7.00 $7.50

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