LED Spinning Staffs

LED Spinning Staffs
Glow staffs are a fun and safe way to spin a staff without the worries and mess of fire spinning. Glow staffs are ideal for indoor use, festivals and parties where fire isn’t allowed. They’re also a great way for those too young to spin fire to show off. We have a range of excellent glow staffs in this section. From effective budget staffs to professional, programmable Concentrate staffs and the modular wizardry of Flowtoys staffs. At the lower end of the spectrum are our standard glow staffs offering an inexpensive but durable option. You can choose from a range of LED colours, you can even mix and match them. We also have a couple of colour change LED options. These staffs come in a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit all styles but all have protective ball ends to minimise damage to the LED units. Flowtoys LED glow staff are part of their wider modular system. This means that you can use the same components to make other props. This can make Flowtoys extremely good value as it doesn’t cost much more to buy the parts to turn a single glow staff into a pair of shorter double staffs. Three-for-one glow props! Flowtoys staffs are also very bright and come in a choice of colours with an array of strobing and flashing LED patterns. We also have their specially designed glow contact staffs. Concentrate finish off the top end of the range with their series of C3 glow staffs. These colour change and strobing staffs are professional quality kit and have been favourites of performers for many years.

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Concentrates C4 Glow Staff - 1000 - 1420 mm Props Juggling & Spinning

Concentrates C4 Glow Staff - 1000 - 1420 mm

The Concentrate C4 light staff has now proven itself to be the light staff that can take the knocks...


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