• Firetoys Classic Fire Staff (100/120/140cm) Props Juggling & Spinning
The Firetoys classic fire staff makes a great first fire staff and is suitable for both beginners and advanced spinners. The staff is good for any style (with the exception of contact) and is especially suited to double staff. This is also a great staff for majorettes or baton twirlers.

Length: 100cm (3ft 3in)
Weight: 375g
Amount of Wick (per burner): 70cm x 50mm
Shaft is top quality, 3/4" (1.9 cm) diameter aluminium.
Lightweight, durable and hard wearing.
Extra-long, padded and insulated grip that is easy to replace.
Dense fibreglass end plugs which won't burn or deteriorate with heat.
Easy to replace wicks.
Staff Spinning Style: Single Spinning, Throws, Doubles, Antispin/Isolations

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Firetoys Classic Fire Staff (100/120/140cm)

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