Affiliate Terms

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Scheme allows you to earn a commission on sales generated from links on your website or blog. We offer a commission of 5 - 10% of the sales that are made after someone follows a link on your website. This commission does not include shipping charges.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please make sure you read this page fully for instructions on how to create affiliate links and to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the scheme, found at the bottom of this page.


How to Become an Affiliate

- You must have a website, blog, YouTube channel or something equivalent for an affiliate link to be effective. Facebook pages can work, as can including the link on Facebook posts but the transient nature of Facebook makes these less effective.

- You must also register a retail customer account on our website and an affiliate account. If you don't have an account you can create one here. Be sure to include a link to your website, blog, or youtube account. (We take your privacy seriously, never share your details and don't keep credit card details. For more info on this, click here.)

- Once approved we will reply to your email confirming acceptance. You're now ready to create your affiliate link(s).


How to Create Affiliate Links

- Once accepted on to the scheme, login to your account. This should automatically take you to your account dashboard.

-There should now be a new option in the "My Account" menu on the left hand side called "Affiliate Program". Click on this option and you should see the screen below:

- In the "Website Link" field enter the web page URL you want to direct people to. You can leave it as the default home page address for general links or if you want to direct people to a particular category or product simply copy and paste the full URL for that page into this field. You will be paid commission on any sales generated via this link, not just for sales of the product(s) on the page you are linking too (for example, if the page you link to is a product page for Finesse G4 diabolos but the customer who followed your link actually ends up buying a Fibre 3 fire staff, you will still be paid a commision of that sale.)

- Once you have entered the relevant URLs in these fields click the "Generate Link" button and a tracking affiliate link will be generated, shown highlighted in blue:

- The Tracking Link, highlighted in blue above, is the link you need to use in order to generate commission on sales. We recommend using HTML to hide the the ugly, off-putting string of characters from your link.

- Add the tracking link to your website, blog or YouTube video and you're done.


How to Withdraw Your Commission

- Hopefully your link is generating lots of sales. As it does a % of the price of those sales (excluding shipping and taxes) will be added to your earnings. You can see all the details of all your earnings in the "Affiliate Program" section of the "My Account" menu.

Please note: due to our 30 day return policy we cannot pay commissions generated from orders less than 30 days old. This is because we cannot pay earnings on orders that have been refunded.

- To withdraw your earnings / store credits, email us or phone us and we will process your request. Min with drawal amount is $20.00

- This request will be processed by us. We will check that all the commission-generating orders relevant to the withdrawal request to ensure they are all at least 30 days old. We may reduce the withdrawal total if orders are not sufficiently old or if any of the orders that generated earnings for you were refunded. You will still be credited with earnings from orders less than 30 days old and you'll be able to withdraw these later. However, earnings from refunded orders are void. This is also the point of the process where we will check for abuse of the scheme (see the affiliate terms and conditions, below). Should there be any amendments to the withdrawal amount we will contact you with full details of these.

- We will pay your earnings via the method you specify on the withdrawal request and email you to confirm payment has been made. Credits will be applied to future orders or sent in the form of a gift certificate

- You are responsible for any bank or PayPal charges incurred during the transfer of your earnings. Please be aware these charges can be high for international bank transfers - we recommend PayPal if you are not based in the Canada.


Terms and Conditions

- It is down to Jugglegear's sole discretion to grant affiliate status or not. We will normally grant this status but it may be withheld if the website, blog, YouTube video or other platform is deemed inappropriate or potentially damaging to our reputation. If affiliate status is refused we will try to inform you of the reason but are under no obligation to do so.

- Affiliates should always act in a way that does not threaten our reputation. For example, using affiliate links in relevant social media posts is acceptable but spamming links such that they annoy fellow social media users or presents in a poor light is not acceptable.

- Any description of us or our products should be accurate and not misleading. We welcome honest opinions on our products, even if negative. We are actually more concerned about false positive claims being made about our products such that it makes the customer feel misled or lied to.

- Affiliate links should only be used by the person or organisation that applied for affiliate status. Other people/organisations should apply for their own affiliate account or a request should be made in writing to authorize the new person or organisation to use the current account.

- Any breach of these conditions or abuse of the scheme may result in some or all or your affiliate earnings being lost.

- Decision on these matters is final. (Though all this sounds very serious, we are nice people and will only revoke earnings or affiliate status in extreme circumstances. We will also give anyone breaching these conditions a chance to correct whatever we found unsuitable. It is only in the most serious of circumstances that we won't offer this chance.)

- If an order is refunded, commission will not be paid on it.

- There is a 60 day holding period on affiliate earnings; earnings cannot be paid until 60 days after an order was placed. This is because we have a 60 day returns policy and we cannot pay commission on orders that have been refunded.

- You must request a withdrawal in order to be paid.

- All withdrawals will be paid in store credit (Canadian Dollars). If transferring this payment into a foreign account or different currency the affiliate is responsible for all charges and currency exchange fees.