Tires, Tubes, Rim strip

Tires, Tubes, Rim strip
One of the biggest, easiest and cheapest upgrades you can do to is change its tire. On a unicycle all your weight is on one tire (unlike a bike where you have two wheels), so you need a larger volume tire. Tires for unicycles need to have strong side walls (i.e. high pressure tires).

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36" inner tube - Commuter Tires, Tubes, Rim strip

36" inner tube - Commuter

It is very hard to get through the 4 ply tire to puncture the inner tube, but it will be possible. S..


Kris Holm 36-inch Rimstrip Tires, Tubes, Rim strip

36" Kris Holm Rimstrip

Super robust rimtape, specially designed for rims with holes in or just where you want a tougher and..


Nimbus Clear Inner Tube - 36 inch Tires, Tubes, Rim strip

36" Nimbus Clear Inner Tube

We have had a totally new type of tube for the 36" tyres that we commissioned FOSS to produce for us..


36" Nimbus Nightrider Tire Tires, Tubes, Rim strip

36" Nimbus Nightrider Tire

 36" x 2 ¼" Tire in 2 ply.  This tire is the best of the 36" tires offering better grip an..


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