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Sunday, November 1st, 2009


2009 will probably be my biggest year for unicycling. Here is a little overview of what is to come for me :

- “Ottawa Unicycle Invasion” week end : not really the official OUI’09, but there will probably be a street/trials week end in downtown Ottawa.
-CANUC : big convention (for Canada) in Guelph organised by the Toronto Unicyclists. This event, similar to Toque, will include Muni, races, basket, hockey, trials, street and freestyle. I am really looking for CANUC, as the street competition will be some kind of practice before Unicon. It is taking place from July 10th to 13th.
-Unicon : I have been waiting for this for three years. Everything about it has already been said, I will only add that it will be awesome, especially with the beautiful scenery of New-Zealand. I am entering in the XC Muni race, the street, trials and flat competitions, the high and long jump and… ONE-FOOT RACE ! Unicon is from December 28th, 2009 to January 7th, 2010, in Wellington.
-Between all these events, there will for sure be some really cool road trips with friends and other fun rides.

I just can’t wait !


Another broken seat post…

Sunday, November 1st, 2009



Architecture !

Thursday, October 4th, 2012


Just a short post to tell you that I am still alive. I thought the beginning of my semester in architecture would be quite relax, but not at all ! It has only been three days, and I already have a 1:100 model of a house to show tomorrow, and a couple of long-term works in different classes.

The only connexion I have had with unicycling in the last week has been the organization of Unicon 17, which is going well. I hope to be able to ride more next week though, probably with Ed before he begins his next semester.

Before I let you go and to make you dream of Spain with me, here is a picture of that residence I am currently studying :

House in Corrubedo, David Chipperfield



Back from NAUCC !

Saturday, August 10th, 2013


I came back from NAUCC to a lot of work here again for Unicon 17. But I also came back with so many great memories of my time spent there. Even though I can easily say this was the convention at which I rode the least, I can also easily say that I met the greatest people there. I want to say a very warm thank you to Lisa and Dave Krack for all they did for us this year as organizers. They made this NAUCC something special for everyone, paying attention to all the disciplines of unicycling.

The only time I rode was basically during my competitions. The rest of the time, I spent it chatting with old friends, meeting new people, promoting Unicon 17 or helping out how I could with different competitions. And I don’t regret it at all, because I can ride as much as I want here in Québec, whereas I only get to see these people once in a year.

The full results are now available online here : We should now thank Robin Dunlop and Connie Cotter for their unremitting work with data management throughout the convention (and even after !). Notice how well Canada is represented on the different podiums. We are back in the game ! Congratulations to Dan and Maxime from team UDC for their first and second places in flatland, and to the new up-and-coming rider Jack Sebben, who placed second in street and third in flatland ! He was also the 4th person to ever land a seat whip during the week.

I was also very happy to place third (or fourth if we count Chris Huriwai from NZ) in Street, considering that I was aiming for top 5. This was officially my last Street competition (on the international level at least), so I am pleased to leave this game – for another one – among all these great riders.

Thanks to everyone who made this event what it was : one of the best times of our lives !



Back in Montreal

Monday, January 25th, 2010


I am back in Montreal, after one month being out of the country.

Like you know, I was at Unicon XV in New-Zealand for 10 days, in Wellington. After that, I travelled in all the country for 2 other weeks. Then, I spent 2 days in Los Angeles while transiting from Auckland to Montreal. I really enjoyed my trip, but it feels good to be back home. Plus, I missed one week of school and did not want to miss more.

As soon as I get some time, I will edit the footage I got from Unicon and post-Unicon. I do not have a lot, since I was often competing or riding, and after the championships, I was tired all the time. I found it hard to get some motivation to go out and film. Still, I hope you will enjoy it.

That’s all for now folks.


Back in Québec !

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012


After one month in Europe, I am now back in Québec. It was an amazing trip, during Unicon as well as before and after with my girlfriend. It was so great to meet with every one once again after a year (people from NAUCC 2011) or even more. I ended up competing only in trials, street, high jump and long jump and muni obstacles, because I sprained some of my toes on my left foot during trials, my first competition. I prefered to take it easy for the rest of the week, to be in good shape for street at the end of Unicon.

Talking about street, I finished 7th over all in the expert category. My detailed results were 6th in manny pads, 14th in stairs and 5th in grinds. I am way happy with my result, as I was hopping for top 10, but I should have done better in the stairs. This is usually were I am the best, but I started in this zone without being really warmed up with my 20″, and messed up on my first few tricks. It got me a bit discouraged I think, but I still managed to land a few nice tricks, such as a shifty 9-2 (90 degrees to one side, 270 to the other side, landing backward) down the 5 set and a bluntslide on the 7 set. For my last trick, I landed a 540 down the 5 set, signature trick.

For my last trick in the grind zone, I landed on my second try a doubleflip out of a grind, a trick I had not tried for atleast a year. In the manny pads zone, I tried a hick triple backflip once on my heavy unicycle, then switched for my two other attempts for Eli Brill’s lightweight unicycle. I got very close on my last attempt, both feet on the pedals, but could not hop out of it.

I loved my experience in the street competition. All the riders were all so kind and respectful as usual, the only thing that had changed from NAUCC’s or last Unicon was the level of riding, which was so, so high. I have so much respect for all these guys (and girls ! I was judge for that part, and was really impressed too), putting in a lot of effort to reach that level of perfection in their own particular and unique style. Right after the finalists were announced, I was kind of dissappointed to not have made it, but thinking about it, I realize that these 6 guys deserved it a lot more than I did, and was very happy for them.

My other major event was long jump, not that I trained much for it though. During the prelims, I was jumping with Anton Juncher, Laust Juncher, Jonas Joergensen and Adrien Delecroix and managed to break my personal record with a hop of 360cm. I stopped at this point as I was the only one left, even though I had still 2 attempts left. This was probably due to the fact that we “only” had 25m of run up during the prelims, making it hard for Jonas to accelerate with his 26″ with 110mm cranks. For the finals, we talked to the event director and we had pretty much unlimited distance for our run up, but unfortunatly I only got 355cm, while Jonas kept going and ended up with 380cm, a new world record ! I am pretty sure that he could have gotten more, but since he is not practicing long jump either, I feel that he is not that consistant with his hops, sometimes over hopping, other times being very short. Anyhow, this guy is a real beast ! The podium was thus Jonas in 1st, myself in 2nd and Adrien in 3rd. Unfortunatly, Anton sprained his wrist a couple of minutes before the finals (and almost landing a 340cm hop !) and could not compete.

I think that for my next competition, I will try a similar set up to his, 24″ with 110mm cranks just to see how much I can get. And my next competition turns out to be the CMQ, the annual Québec competition in Montréal, which will be happening from the 24th to the 26th of August. I would love to see all of you guys there, for more details you can visit the website at or our forum at .

Finally, if you did not already know, Monotréal was pleased to learn that we were chosen to host Unicon 17, in 2014. Benoit and I, with the help of many people forming a great organizing team, will be taking care of every step of the process for the next two years. There will be more details to come, as well the presentation we showed during the IUF meeting at Unicon 16.

Hope to see you next week end at the CMQ,